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Barclay Secondary Free School

Planning application

Since 2014, the Lion Academy Trust has worked tirelessly to deliver the parent-driven application for a new secondary school in Waltham Forest.  We have twice been delayed through not having an appropriate site to commence works on - we are now, finally - at a point where we are going to a planning committee to determine the next steps forward.  

We need everyone’s support in helping to show how many people support this enormous investment in the children and families of the area.

On this page you will see the links to the public consultation site -  and to the Briefing Note sent to all local councillors and the planning committee members. This sets out clearly both the demand for the schools and the facilities we are seeking to deliver as well as the design of the amazing investment in young people and communities locally.  Click here  to see the Briefing Note.

To show your support - please send an email to stating the following:

Subject: Application 171408 Thames Water 150a Lea Bridge Road Leyton London E5 9RJ

Dear Sir or Madam,

I offer my full support for the application for the former Thames Water Depot site on 150a Lea Bridge Road Leyton London E5 9RJ (planning application ID: 171408).

This is a well located, appropriate site for the proposed schools. The planned development will meet the pressing need for further school places, dramatically improve access to much needed education, sporting and leisure facilities and accommodate future planned growth in the area. As the site is currently providing no benefit to the families or communities in the area, this investment into the lives of children, families and the wider communities in the area is welcomed

Yours sincerely,

<Your name and address>>

***Please note - we need to gather as many responses as we can - Your Support will make a huge difference***

The proposed development of the current Lea Bridge Depot site, which has been an industrial storage area and barred from public access for over 100 years, will see two state-of-the-art schools funded and built by the Department for Education. Reclaiming an area at the juncture of Waltham Forest, Hackney and Newham and intended to serve the families, pupils and wider communities across North-East London, the investment in facilities, learning spaces, outdoor and sporting provision have all been carefully designed and shaped to fit into this rapidly growing part of London.

Please support this once in a generation opportunity to reclaim this industrial space for the children, families and communities of Waltham Forest and neighbouring boroughs by sending in messages supporting our planning application.

Deadline for responses: March 2019


Click here to download a copy of the Planning Application Note

Click here to download a model letter to support the application