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The Lion Academy Trust (LAT) has been appointed as the proposed new sponsor for three schools in Wellingborough – Olympic Primary, Ruskin Junior and Warwick Academy.  The formal process by which these schools will move from their current multi-academy trust to the Lion Academy Trust is a structured programme of work – overseen by teams from the Department for Education and the Regional Schools Commissioner’s Office and through the LAT teams working across a range of different elements.

LAT is working closely with the schools to make this change as efficient and clear as possible – and this site will contain updates so that all interested stakeholders can stay fully informed as to the progress being made towards completion.

Letters and other documents that are relevant to the process will be published on our website and we aim to keep this updated and informative throughout the process.  Should you have any queries or wish to discuss any element of this further, our project team are lead by Christopher Stark, who can be contacted on 07765 256237 or or by emailing here at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this process take?

The timescale for the re-brokerage of the three schools is still being defined; we have every intention of completing this process in the most efficient and timely manner possible. However, there are potential areas of complexity where further works may be required

Will you change the name or the uniforms at the schools?

No. The uniform today will be the uniform going forward. The schools are well supported by their local communities and there is no clear reason to make changes to these elements.

How will you help the schools improve rapidly and sustainably?

For more information on how we perform as a Trust, please click here.  The Lion Academy Trust is a proven sponsor of schools in need of support and has taken every one of our schools from an Ofsted category to being either “Good” or “Outstanding” within two years.

Who is responsible for the schools during this process?

The schools continue to operate under their current teams and structures while we work through the process of moving them to LAT.  Normal management and day-to-day leadership of each school continues to be delivered by the current teams. We will write to all parents with updates as we progress towards a final outcome.

Will I be able to meet the Trust team during this process?

Absolutely. Along with the meetings held on 12th and 13th March, we will be available to meet with parents, communities and other key stakeholders throughout the process. Staff will also be fully informed of the TUPE process and that formal consultation will be confirmed once we have a confirmed end-date for the re-brokerages to take place. 

To view copies of of recent letters to all Parents/Carers, Staff and Governors please visit our news page by clicking here.

To view the presentation from our recently held public meetings, click here.