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Our approach


The cornerstone of how we teach and how our pupils excel is the development of assessment proficiency. Through this, all students, from nursery through secondary, are taught how to be independent learners and how to recognise what they need to focus on in order to progress. Based on research conducted by John Hattie and taken further through our own practice development, every class across all the Trust’s schools works to ensure that our students are confidently able to self-evaluate, to work with their peers, to reflect on their own learning and to take ownership of what they are learning. Through the shared application of Trust-led strategies for foundation subjects and quality frameworks, the Trust ensures a framework for excellence in learning that is reflected in every setting, in every class, consistently across all our schools.

Recruitment and retention

Key to the ongoing success of the Trust is the recruitment and retention of the right staff to work across all our schools. The Trust invests in extensive continuous professional development (CPD) for all our teams – from newly qualified teachers and overseas-trained professionals to middle and senior leaders. As an accredited partner of the Institute of Education, all our continuous professional development, training and development programmes are accredited by the IoE, making working for the Trust a proven way to develop as a professional while working in a dynamic setting. Through the Lion Academy Trust and the Lion Education Trust, we are able to offer a range of opportunities for staff to develop as either lead practitioners progressing through school leadership roles or as specialist subject leads. 

Working with parents, carers and the community

The Trust has a well-defined model of being visible and accountable to our parents and carers and within our communities. All our school leaders are visible and present at the beginning and end of each school day. We focus on resolving issues at the point of being raised and operate an open-door policy where we welcome working with our local community to ensure each school remains rooted in the area that it serves. Every school in the Lion Academy Trust is non-denominational, co-educational and committed to positively contributing to its surrounding communities.

Working with other schools

The Lion Academy Trust is always keen to support other schools, from sharing best practice, content and resources to exploring how schools might join the Trust structure. We welcome the possibility of growth through the addition of "good" and "outstanding" rated schools into the Trust, where a foundation of proven school improvement, operational stability and ambition to be the best have already formed. Working closely with regional schools commissioners, the Trust is committed to supporting schools with a similar drive and ethos to join us, a mature, stable organisation that shares the same high expectations and urgency for ensuring that every child’s learning is delivered to the highest, consistent standards.


As a result of the high expectations of pupils’ behaviour, the school community runs smoothly. Pupils behave maturely without the need to be reminded or rewarded.

Ofsted - Barclay Primary School