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At the heart of the Lion Academy Trust is the belief that access to an outstanding education is a right for all our children and young people. To achieve this goal, we have a consistent and continuous focus on developing and implementing outstanding educational practices. We continue to develop innovative and better ways to transform schools into centres of teaching and learning excellence and, as our results show, our robust, quality-driven approach has brought proven results. 

As the Chief Executive Officer, it is my role to oversee the teams and strategies the Trust uses to ensure that we are consistently delivering the highest-quality teaching and learning, and are operationally effective, every day. What makes the Lion Academy Trust different from other multi-academy trusts is our relentless focus on being good or better, every day. In every setting, in every lesson, we hold our teams to account to meet the exacting standards we set and support them to ensure every child achieves their very best. From the teachers in class to the support teams who clean our schools, the same high expectations apply to everyone who works in our Trust. We have the same sense of aspiration and drive for every student who attends one of our schools, and our no-excuses culture means we work tirelessly to support and challenge our students to achieve the very best they can. 

The Trust is currently made of schools rated "good" or "outstanding" - all have been transformed from their starting points of being in an Ofsted category. Allied with the schools in our sister trust, the Lion Education Trust, the Lion Academy Trust leads the way in the on-going quality review and development of our core pedagogies and operating practices, which are then deployed equally across both Trusts. Through the development of assessment proficient learners, we will empower students to learn in a structured and supported manner from nursery to sixth form – creating the next generation of confident, successful citizens this country needs. I would encourage you to take the time to explore the section of the website focussing on our approach and school improvement to get a clearer sense of what makes us stand out from other Trusts.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of joining us as a student or member of the team, or as a school looking to join a Trust that can accelerate your development and support you on your journey to becoming an excellent education service delivery partner. I look forward to welcoming you into the Lion Academy Trust. 


Justin James
Chief Executive Officer

The executive headteacher’s determination and drive is expertly focused on ensuring the very best outcomes and wellbeing for pupils. The sense of continuous analysis, reflection and development is palpable.

Ofsted - Barclay Primary School