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School Improvement

The work of any thriving organisation is driven by a desire to continuously adapt and improve. At the Lion Academy Trust, this drive is encapsulated in the term 'Assessment Proficiency' – which refers to all layers of a school on the endless journey to becoming the very best it can be.

Influenced by research conducted by John Hattie and others, the Trust’s school improvement framework identifies four key roles or elements which are targeted in shaping how schools improve – the Learner, the Teacher and the Leader – which add up to an Assessment Proficient School.

Hallmarks of the successful development of each strand once implemented are: 

Learners Teachers Leaders Schools
Talking confidently about their learning and what they need to do to improve. Using class and student data to plan and tailor lessons and content for each Pupil. Using a wide range of data streams, including attainment and progress alongside school self-evaluation, to identify priorities, target need and drive improvement. Precisely and accurately demonstrating a rapid and sustained school performance trajectory.
Drawing on feedback from Teachers and peers. Clearly planning and defining provision that meets the needs of all individual learners. Implementing change management based on identified priorities and need. Being models of excellence in overcoming all barriers to learning.
Engaging with real and virtual environments to expand their learning. Being professionally innovative and open to new practices and techniques. Being self-reflective as leaders and welcoming new ideas, innovation and challenge to address needs. Continually use performance data and evaluation to effectively and accurately adapt and evolve practice to school needs.
Acting with clarity around self-improvement as they understand their learning journeys. Differentiating the learning of Pupils through targeted teaching and adaptation of content. Modelling outstanding practice in planning, evaluating and the delivery of assessment proficient practice, adjusting quickly to new drivers and needs. Using resources precisely and effectively to target underachievement and alongside engaging with key stakeholders.
Thriving as independent, resilient learners who confidently lead their own learning. Swiftly adjusting teaching in real-time to respond to feedback from learners. Credibly leading on diagnosis and resolution of underperformance and underachievement. Supporting more schools on their journey to becoming assessment proficient centres of excellence.

The Trust embeds proven techniques and strategies across all teaching, learning and assessment functions in a defined scaffold to support school improvement. Based on key practices that are proven to cater for all pupils – including EAL pupils at all levels of proficiency, our learning environments are visually and linguistically rich with displays and resources planned carefully to support all learners.

If you’re interested in becoming an Assessment Proficient School or would like to discuss any aspect of how we take schools in a rapid, sustained way to being outstanding every day, please complete the form below. Thank you.


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Outstanding leadership from leaders and governors has brought about rapid improvement since the school became an academy.

Ofsted - Sybourn Primary School