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Dec 18, 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Sybourn Primary School - Outstanding Results - Top Primary in Borough

December 2018

Leytonstone - The Lion Academy Trust are delighted to report the latest set of Key Stage 2 results for Sybourn Primary School - rating it as one of the top performing primaries in the borough and nationally.

Andy Bocchi, Executive Headteacher “I am very proud that the hard work and dedication of pupils, staff and parents has paid off with these amazing results. There are no shortcuts to producing results like these and the focus and unwavering determination to do the very best by our pupils shines through.”

Sybourn Primary, an academy in the Lion Academy Trust, has been transformed since 2013 when the Trust assumed responsibility for the school, taking over from years of indifferent performance under the Local Authority.

Hayden Tyers, Director of Schools for LAT said “It comes down to  our philosophy of “good or better” teaching in every lesson, in every setting - and the team at Sybourn have worked incredibly hard to ensure every one of the children at Sybourn achieve to their absolute best.”

Not only do mainstream children achieve amazing results, disadvantaged children do equally well and the gap between these groups is rapidly closing.

“Turning around schools in a sustainable and meaningful way requires a daily focus on the needs of every single pupil and a team who are committed and buy into what the senior team and the Trust have set as our standards. Ofsted recognised the outstanding leadership and management that Andy and the team delivered in 2015 - and its clear they are continuing to work at that level.” Justin James, CEO of the Lion Academy Trust, who lead on the conversion of Sybourn into becoming an academy, went on to say: “Our parents and children overcome challenges every day - and I know they move on from Sybourn not just secondary ready, but equipped to excel at the next stage of their learning journeys.”

For more information on how well Sybourn Primary performed - both this year and over the past three years - please go to the Department for Education’s website -