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Feb 27, 2019

Trust congratulated for being in the top 10 for writing outcomes

Through the application of our Assessment Proficient pedagogy where pupils from nursery are encouraged and supported to take an active and leading role in their learning, our teaching and learning professionals work to ensure that the trust mantra of “good or better, in every setting, every day” achieves these kinds of outcomes for our pupils. 
Justin James, CEO of the Lion Academy Trust, said “It’s always welcome to get letters from the DfE focusing on the positive impact we are having on behalf of our pupils and communities. I am very proud that the hard work and dedication of the teams across our schools has resulted in these outcomes - and we will continue to work to ensure we maintain and improve on these year on year.”
For more information on how the Trust has achieved these outcomes and how the structures and techniques deployed across all the schools in the Trust could be applied in your school, please contact the Trust via