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Feb 16, 2016

Barclay Primary School receives local award for attainment and progress among disadvantaged children

Barclay Primary School is proud to announce that it has received a prestigious local award in the KS2 category of the Pupil Premium Awards for being one of the most improved schools in the country in terms of attainment and progress among disadvantaged pupils since 2011. The school has now been invited by the Government to apply for a regional or national Pupil Premium Award by Friday 4 March.

In an letter from Sam Gyimah MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Childcare and Education, to the Chief Executive Officer of the Lion Academy Trust, the Government praised staff at the school for offering disadvantaged children a good start in life by preparing them for secondary school. The letter acknowledges the school’s governors, parents and children for their hard work and success, and the school’s leadership team who have worked together over the last five years to improve the children’s future prospects.

Justin James, CEO of the Lion Academy Trust and Executive Principal of Barclay Primary School, said: “We are delighted to receive this acknowledgement that the quality of teaching and learning we provide is consistently recognised – both over time and irrespective of the circumstances of each pupil. We take the needs of every child into account when we tailor learning around their needs. The team and I are very pleased to be recognised for the success of our “no excuses” culture and for our drive for good or better teaching in every lesson, every day.”