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Local Governors

The Lion Academy Trust is dedicated to ensuring that teachers have the time and tools to teach - and to work to make every pupil's journey through the first stages of formal education, an outstanding one. 

At the heart of the Lion Academy Trust is our belief that the best schools set children up for life.  We believe that strong corporate governance enables our schools to achieve the ambition of every pupil having the quality of education they deserve, through a robust system of rules, practices and processes by set by the Lion Academy Trust (LAT).  

Following the successful conversation of several schools in Wellingborough, we are recruiting volunteers to supporting our schools in the area to sit on the local school advisory boards.  If you believe you could provide a vital role in this process by becoming a school governor, we would love to hear from you!

If you'd like more information about the role, please complete our application form or contact: Donna Miller, or call 07741628086 

For more information about the Trust and the role of our Parental Advisory Boards (PAB) please visit our Trust website, or alternatively you can find about more about your local school via their school website:

Barclay Primary School
Brook House Primary School
Sybourn Primary School
Thomas Gamuel Primary School

Leigh Beck Junior School 
Maple Grove Primary School 

Olympic Primary School
Ruskin Infant School
Ruskin Academy (Junior school) 
Warwick Academy (Primary School)

Wider trust Governance Volunteer recruitment information: 

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