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Ruskin Infant - Consultation


Consultation on conversion of Ruskin Infant School


To all parents, carers and staff at Ruskin Infant and Nursery School

As part of the process of securing a positive new future for Ruskin Infant and Nursery School, the Lion Academy Trust has been proposed as the new sponsor for the school as it changes from being run by Northamptonshire County Council to becoming a new academy. 


What does this mean?

The key change being proposed here is that the school will no longer be under the control of Northamptonshire County Council and will be part of the Lion Academy Trust – a registered charity and provider of education services – which already successfully runs schools in Wellingborough, Essex and London.

Does this mean Ruskin Infants will become a private school?

Not at all. The school remains publicly funded and remains a core part of the family of schools in Wellingborough – the responsibility for standards, outcomes and for staffing however, changes to be under the control of the Trust. 

When is this planned to happen?

This is planned to take place on 1st of September 2020.  This will require the Trust to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Department of Education and for the school to formally transfer to the Trust. 

What happens to the staff?

All staff who are employed by the school on 31st August 2020 and who choose to transfer, will transfer under the TUPE provisions to the Trust – which becomes their new employer. 

Why is this being proposed? Why not just leave things the way they are?

All schools need help to maintain standards and to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classrooms. It is clear that the Council does not the capacity to do this and the school governing body and senior leaders recognised that the opportunities for support and shared expertise within a high performing trust, such as the Lion Academy Trust, would help Ruskin Infants to become a Good school again. 

Who are the Lion Academy Trust?

The Lion Academy Trust is a multi-academy trust established to help schools in need of support to become outstanding education providers.  The Trust believes in providing a truly community focused offer to all our pupils and their families and works with schools to be the local school of choice in every setting. For more information, please see 

What changes will happen as a result of this proposed switch to being part of the Lion Academy Trust?

The changes will mostly be in how staff are supported to tailor education to meet your child’s needs – we are not planning to change the uniform, name of the school, logo or how the school currently operates in terms of opening and closing or holiday times.  We will continue to focus however on behaviour, attendance, attainment and ensuring that your child is safe, happy and doing the very best they can, every day. 

What is a funding agreement and why are you asking for my views on this?

The Funding Agreement is the contract that the Trust will sign with the Department of Education to formally transfer the current Ruskin Infant and Nursery School into the Trust. We want your views on this as we intend to be here running the school for a very long time to come – and its vital that we seek the views of every parent, carer and key interested groups before this happens. 

How can I get involved or feedback my views on the process?

We are therefore seeking your views on this proposed change – which you can share with us by:

  • Completing and returning the questionnaire included in this newsletter before 29 May 2020
  • Going online and completing the questionnaire which can be found at and 
  • If you have any queries or wish to discuss any aspect of this – please contact our project lead, Christopher Stark on or contact Mrs Starnes at Ruskin Infant School.

Everything the Trust does is focussed on improving the quality of education for children in our schools – we don’t make a profit; we don’t accept second best for any of our pupils – and we don’t believe in making excuses for when things do not go entirely as planned.  I very much hope to meet as many of you as possible over the course of the next month, please do take the time to complete the questionnaire below and to come to any of the events we’ve planned. If you have any burning questions or issues you would like to raise, please contact our project manager, Christopher Stark, on 07765256237 or or myself on 

Yours sincerely 

Hayden Tyers

Director of Schools, Lion Academy Trust


Ruskin Infant and Nursery School Public Consultation Questionnaire

The Lion Academy Trust was founded in 2012 and works closely with schools in need of a new way of working to rapidly and successfully improve the way teaching and learning are delivered - improving outcomes for pupils and turning schools in local centres of excellence. We recently welcomed three Wellingborough schools into our trust – Ruskin Junior School, Olympic Primary School and Warwick Academy.

We passionately believe that every child has the right to an outstanding education - that every day in school should be good or better. We work closely with our teachers and support staff to train and develop their skills and techniques in delivering our proven and highly successful teaching strategies and we have committed to making Ruskin Infant and Nursery School the best school it can be.

We are excited about the opportunities to work closely with Ruskin Infant and Ruskin Junior Schools and to ensure that the relationship between the two schools supports pupils to achieve their very best and for parents and carers to move seamlessly from one to the other. 

Owing to the lockdown in operation nationally, we are unable to host our preferred face-to-face meetings with parents, staff and interested parties - which gives us and you an opportunity to hear more about the Trust, but equally, to hear about any concerns or issues you would like to raise or hear answers to. With that in mind, please complete this questionnaire - and if you have any questions you would like answered, email our project lead - Christopher Stark- and he will
either answer your queries or get the best person to contact you and respond as soon as we are able.

This consultation is to find out your views on the proposed change to make Ruskin Infant School an Academy - and to have the Lion Academy Trust run the school and be responsible for your child's primary education. We welcome the opportunity to meet as many local families and stakeholders as possible - thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

For more information or to discuss any aspect of this further, please contact our project lead, Christopher Stark, on 

Thank you for taking part in this consultation.

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