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Our values

The Lion Academy Trust and the Lion Education Trust share a common set of values. In keeping with the close-knit relationship between the two Trusts, we believe that having a consistent set of underlying beliefs and principles is key to ensuring a consistent and robust approach to how each school and Trust performs.

The right to an outstanding education

We believe that all children and students have the right to an outstanding education and access to outstanding facilities in order to give them the best chances in life irrespective of their race, colour, creed or circumstances. Our model is based on the consistent application of proven school improvement strategies and resources being deployed to meet local needs. Every school has something positive to contribute to the overall development of how we operate – and the model ensures that the very best standards of teaching and learning are developed, and that schools are equipped to enable all staff and students to make outstanding progress.

A relentless pursuit of excellence

Students don't have the luxury of time to lag behind or have a dip in their learning, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we deliver to a good or better standard every day. Obstacles and barriers, both real and perceived, are overcome by clear, targeted support that drives culture change based on sharing outstanding practice in the relentless pursuit of excellence. This leads to high expectations and the impetus to provide opportunities for all students so that they can achieve exceptional things throughout their lives.

Our students are the reason we exist

We believe that outstanding teaching and learning must be central to every decision made and every development introduced. We assess every resource, strategy and investment for its impact on teaching and learning, and to determine how well these are aligned to improving teaching and learning for our students. Our organisation is focused on the student as our “customer” and as the reason why our Trust and schools exist.

Centrally defined, locally implemented hubs of excellence

The Trust comprises both new and existing schools working together to share best practice, resources and knowledge across all aspects of school life, to the benefit of students, staff and communities alike. We recognise that all schools have practice that is exemplary, even those that are facing challenges. By creating centralised hubs regionally, with local relevance retained through transformative practice being implemented within communities, the structure of the Trust is geared towards developing communities of practice all working to achieve the same high standards and outcomes.

Investment in teams and practice is key to the transformation of education

At the core of our ethos is the belief that investment in high-quality, bespoke training and development is critical to our continued ability to successfully transform education. This is to enable both staff and pupils to develop as individuals and as professionals in order to achieve excellence. The Trust is committed to ensuring that we train, develop and recruit outstanding professionals into our family of schools so that we provide only the best for all our pupils. Through our links with leading universities, agencies and partners, allied with our own practice development, we continue to invest in our teams to ensure every layer of the service delivery model is supported to meet the highest expectations.


Children make a good start in the well-resourced and stimulating early years provision.

Ofsted - Sybourn Primary School