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Dare to give your child a better education

Dare to give your child a better education…

Children get one chance at a world class education -  from when they start in nursery and reception through to when they leave at the end of secondary school to further or higher education and beyond.

Choosing the first school for your child is a decision parents often make based on key factors - location, distance from home, how well the school is viewed locally and the performance of that school - Ofsted ratings or SATs scores.  Changing schools mid-year or even once your child is placed in a primary school is often only a decision considered when things are going awry or could be better.

The Lion Academy Trust, made up of three primary schools in Waltham Forest, a junior and two primary schools in Wellingborough, recognises the importance of these choices - either at the start of your decision making or simply because your current school is not meeting your child’s requirements.

We believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to an outstanding education - supported by a tailored, focused curriculum and teachers who know your child’s needs in great detail and structure each lesson accordingly; where the latest technologies enhance and extend the broad range of learning opportunities they receive each day; and most importantly - to ensure that every one of our pupils leave our schools as a confident, secondary-ready learner with the skills and approach to leading their own learning that truly empowers them to take their own learning further.

Why not come and meet the team at any of our schools - contact us on and let us contact you to discuss how we can introduce you to our nationally recognised early years settings, our extended, wrap-around childcare to support working parents and how we will ensure your child receives the learning journey they deserve.

We make the admissions process straightforward and efficient and ensure that we do everything we can to support parents and families during this process. Whether you are seeking a new place for September or want to explore changing schools during the academic year - our teams are here to help you make the right choice and to ensure we address all your questions and concerns in a friendly and professional way.

Dare to give your child a better education - come meet the Lion Academy Trust and see how our schools can provide the answer to your child’s educational needs.

Lion Academy Trust Data - National Comparison

Area  Proportion of children reaching
the age related expectations
National Comparison 
Early years foundation stage (Good Level of Development) 71% +2%
Phonics 86% +5%
Key Stage 1 Expected Standard

Reading 84% +8%
Writing  77% +9%
Maths  85% +10%
Key Stage 2 Expected Standard

Reading 76% +5%
Writing  83% +7%
Maths  80% +5%
Combined 69% +8%