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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is rooted firmly in our belief that education is the most empowering force in the world, a right for all children, whoever they are. Lion’s approach is the culmination of ten years of thinking, testing and refining by the best teachers the Trust has and it is now consistently delivering great results.

Here, in a nutshell, are its most important characteristics:

  • We have used what we call Assessment Proficiency as a core design principle – the commitment to ensure that all pupils know why they’re learning, how they’re doing and where they are heading.
  • There is a consistent, Trust-wide pedagogical model – meaning that learning is delivered in the same way in every class and every setting.  Instead of reinventing the wheel for each lesson, teachers can spend their precious time personalising the learning content for every pupil.
  • We have mapped curriculum content through every half term right up to year 6, so teachers and leaders know precisely what children should be learning at every stage.
  • Learning always goes deeper and broader than the National Curriculum. We know that a sense of aspiration and ambition in the classroom inspires independent learning and a readiness to move to the next level of education.
  • Language is always important. To be confident, independent and assessment proficient learners, our pupils need to be able to reflect on what they do and share their views with peers and teachers. 
  • Every lesson has consistent features and activities that are all about supporting children to engage with their learning and make rapid gains as a result.
  • And – finally -  because our pupils are assessment proficient, we can have regular and meaningful discussions with them about their progress.  Evaluation of the children’s ability to know more and do more is in our DNA.