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Q: Why should we join the Trust if ours is already an "outstanding" or "good" school?

Undoubtedly, there is strength in numbers, and joining a larger organisation offers security and support. All our academies receive focused appropriate resources to consolidate success or remedy/prevent decline.  Through our proven governance structures where each academy's Parental Advisory Body leads on standards and safe-guarding, operating within the wider context of the Board and designated sub-committees, academy leaders are freed up to focus on teaching and learning and to contribute to the development of outstanding practice. We want all staff to grow, and we will develop professional programmes that will ensure that they achieve their full potential. Economies of scale in resourcing terms will bring financial savings to our academies, enabling reinvestment in priority areas.

Q: Our school is part of an area network. Can we continue to be a part of it if we join the Trust?

We will work with you to help you to strengthen those links and networks. We believe that learning from the experiences of colleagues in other settings is vital to our own journey, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Q: Our community really cares about the school. How will you keep parents feeling this is still their school?

The development of Parental Advisory Bodies that oversee how each school performs is central to how the Trust operates. We expand parental and community engagement in each one of our schools - through dedicated apps to share information, increased numbers of parents on the local governance structures and focused roles and terms of reference to ensure that the energy and support from these groups is harnessed in a productive and supportive manner.

Q: How will you support us during the conversion process so that we can continue to focus on teaching and learning?

The Lion Academy Trust is experienced in successfully converting schools through our central team, using our legal, HR, financial and management expertise so that you can focus on your students.

Q: How will you train and develop staff?

Our people are the Trust’s greatest asset. We want our teachers, leaders and support staff to be given the opportunity to develop their skills and careers. Just as we support students, we will work in partnership with academy leaders and individuals to ensure that they receive the support they need to succeed.

Q: How many academies do you hope that the Trust will have, and over what period?

The Lion Academy Trust is growing in a measured and sustainable way. We are targeting the development of regional clusters or "hubs" to be supported and driven from the central Trust team.

There is a raft of push and pull factors around growth for successful MATs - not least opportunities and challenges around meeting our vision and ethos, maximising funding, sharing of best practice and ensuring we support our communities to the very best of our abilities.

There is no finite timescales for our programme - changes in legislation, policy or required performance levels may all radically alter the framework within which growth can occur - and we take a risk assured and strategic view on how we deploy resources to support growth in any region.