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May 5, 2021

Reception Ready for September!

The move from nursery to reception is a major step in every child’s educational journey and the teams from the schools want to support every child to be excited and prepared for this next big step along the way. Emily Hair, executive headteacher of the two schools said “We are offering a pack to every child in Wellingborough - which has resources and activities for families to get their child ‘school ready’ for September. The early years phase in primary schools is a critical period to get right - and we want every child in Wellingborough to love learning and get the best possible start to their schooling.”

The teams are supported on their deliveries by the Olympic Owl and Warwick Wasp - the mascots from Olympic and Warwick - who are there to share the packs and balloons for all the children!

Emily added: “We want to get every child excited about what happens in September and to help parents and carers answer any questions they may have about the schools and moving into Reception. If any parents would like a pack - please come to either Olympic or Warwick and our teams will gladly share these with any local families.

Each bag contains:

  • Checklist of skills for parents to tick off as their child achieves them ahead of September
  • Set of phonic activity cards
  • Story book to be read to the child by an adult
  • Notebook for the children to practise their mark making skills in
  • Scissors, crayons and counters to support the completion of the activities
  • Information for how to apply for a place at either of our schools

For more information, please contact the us at